IFT 6113 – Promo Video

Short video for IFT 6113 "Geometric Modeling and Shape Analysis"

Course webpage

Made with some blender magic (see my notes on that) and SIGGRAPH promo videos.



  • Stability-Aware Simplification of Curve Networks (webpage)
  • Keypoint-Driven Line Drawing Vectorization via PolyVector Flow (webpage)
  • Developability of Triangle Meshes (webpage) (video)
  • Shape As Points: A Differentiable Poisson Solver (video) (webpage)
  • Shape Representation by Zippables (video) (webpage)
  • Point2Mesh: A Self-Prior for Deformable Meshes (video) (webpage)
  • DeepSDF: Learning Continuous Signed Distance Functions for Shape Representation webpage
  • Visualization of the DeepSDF latent space using t-SNE (video)
  • Vector Heat Method – Fast Forward (video) (webpage)
  • Large Steps in Inverse Rendering of Geometry (webpage)
  • Elastic Implicit Skinning: a Robust Iso-Surface Tracking for Interactive Character Skinning (video) (webpage)
  • Shape from Metric (SIGGRAPH 2018) (video) (webpage)
  • Dyna: A Model of Dynamic Human Shape in Motion (SIGGRAPH 2015) (video) (webpage)
  • “Accelerated Quadratic Proxy for Geometric Optimization” (video) - (webpage)
  • Distortion-Minimizing Injective Maps Between Surfaces (video) - (webpage)
  • Design and Volume Optimization of Space Structures (video) - (ACM)
  • PIFuHD: Multi-Level Pixel-Aligned Implicit Function for High-Resolution 3D Human Digitization (video) (webpage)